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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Major material upload to YouTube

Dear friends and fans,

There's been a big series of uploads to the official pZi YouTube channel.

'Music for the Wired Generation'
First there's 7 tracks of the long play album 'Music for the Wired Generation' in a playlist you can find here featuring such tracks as 'Vortex of Freedom: Dune' and 'Spaceman's Ease'. You can still find the full album on Spotify, iTunes, Google Music and Amazon as well.
Playlist of Music for the Wired Generation


'Epic Tracks'
Secondly there's a new playlist for my recent epic fantasy tracks made in the classical genre, such as 'Power of the Awakened Ones' and 'The Invincibles'. Daring, epic and powerful compositions awaiting you now on the YouTube channel as well.
Playlist here.

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