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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Symphonic Tales of The Silmarillion - Fourth Movement: Manwë, King Of The Valar - Compositional Diary

The fourth piece in the series is at last ready! 'Manwë, King Of The Valar'

The composition is parted into 3 important units. Starts out with a majestic minor scale chord progression and idea using choir and french horns as the main means for the melody. The strings are taking the chords on its back as it happens all through the piece. This part symbolizes the high ranked archangel's majestic nature. The music suddenly rolls into an agitated, action packed second part where the heavy staccato of the full strings ensemble is elevated by heavy brass melodies. Also a quickly rolling piccolo and solo violin staccato part is spicing up the inertia. After this part runs out, we get to the third one, the major scale theme of the Vala, where the ideas and chords is channeling the wise and positive nature of this archangel. It's rhythmical flow is helped by a synchronized, march like pattern of snare and different divisions of the orchestra. After this we get back to a repetition of the first part with new elements in the instrumentation, and then to a beefed upp and shuffled repetition of the second part, with an even heavier staccato of the string ensemble and heavier percussion entering. A final trailer like elevation of the harmonies gives the ending.

Hopefully you will enjoy the new piece, and find it appropriate to give the theme for this character of utter importance in the Tolkien universe.

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