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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Free Music Free Licensed - Part #1 - Scourge #2

Free Music CC-BY-SA Free Licensed music by me - first part: Scourge #2 tracks

I had the idea to start a new periodical section on this blog related to the accumulated commercially usable free licensed (CC-BY-SA aka Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike license) I've created on the road of my musical career, so my followers can have just a good listen -- or either choose to select some of the thus provided tracks for their own project, royalty free, in case of proper attribution in the software and the bundled installer or proper attribution and licensing of the video end product where you may decide to use them.

This episode will be about the album called "Scourge #2 - Game Music", released on under CC-BY-SA license. It's been quite popular since its recent release, great instrumental listening while studying, no annoying lyrics, just pure symphonic orchestral fantasy soundtrack music.

Let's go into a short description of the tracks:
- Scourge INTRO - a shorter uplifting introductory track with choral additions to the symphonic structure
- Temple Exploration - a short, loopable, foreboding track, with exotic instruments and choral addition. Could be used in film or game soundtrack as well
- Plains Awaiting - a low profile, calm exploratory track that can be used easily for exploring outer areas, or easily added as a background music for a historical documentary film. Vibrating strings and easy melodies, harmonies characterize this track
- Towns And Villages - full of strings and brass, and all orchestral sweetness, a great track for wandering around or documentary films in a populated area. Bright melodies and positive harmonies.
- Forests' Weave - a calmer track using lots of strings and brass to suggest a forest or wood area
- Cave Exploration - foreboding track, with didgeridoo and deep sounds
- Light Chapter Interlude - a lighter, merrier, yet simple themed short piece, good for interludes in media
- Mountains Ahead - a calm, yet epic approach to wandering around in mountain areas, exploring new territories in a film or game
- Temple Chapter Interlude - a short foreboding interlude music, uplifting, blend trailer like
- INFERNAL DANCE - a furious epic, long fight in a very original, dance like style solely using orchestral, symphonic means. A good end title music for a tense film, or boss fight in a game.
- Tears of Victory  - emotional, symphonic arrangement, slow, choral parts, good for an epic but emotional ending of a game or film

The whole album is using first grade quality ingredients, were composed in Cubase using EWQL (EastWest QuantumLeap) products and mixed with best plugins available (Waves/iZotope).

Please consider donation if using these track. You can donate directly to the composer/producer Pal Zoltan Illes here:

You can have a listen and download below, or through this link: here

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