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Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Back from a long, 6 year hiatus...

 ..hello there again, dear people.

A rather long time passed since last I messaged you here: 6 times did the seasons turn. Time run, meanwhile around our planet, problems not ceased, but grown, for many of us the worries are weighing more on the shoulders looking at these events speeding before our eyes. Somber times with stark events, such events that are making up the history books.
Sometimes thinking about these, it might feel like we are but small cogs in the big machinery, yet what we can still do, is taking our part in trying to shape events happening around us, doing small deeds that can make the lives of our close and loved ones a bit brighter, small deeds that can help even people we not necessarily know, deeds that protect our environment, our neigbors, our natural and cultural heritage, deeds that this way heightens hope and gives place for positivity. This appraoch is a big part of what makes us humans and not just cogs in that big machinery.
Life is many times busy, and these efforts can become hard to exercise. Yet here we are, trying. So in this spirit, I dedicate the following track titled 'Goldenwing' - that has been in the work for a few months now -, to optimism, freedom and empathy.