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Friday, August 7, 2015

New classical/epic singles on SoundCloud

I've been ever wandering to new areas, new topics, new mixtures of genres, motifs and impressions, and in the last few months, since publishing "Symphonic Tales of the Silmarilli" I've been busy with the composition and production of 3 new tracks that mix classical orchestration with various other elements from rock to electronica. The starting point is always the same: melodic storytelling with context, build-ups, morphing from one idea to other, yet holding the whole together in the frame of one uniting story.

So let them stand here in this new post, in order of creation.

First was very much inspired by my personal life happenings, not going into unnecessary details, it was a highly happy, energetic and yet harmonious time. It's called "Dawn of Fate", and is a mixture of symphonic music, electronica and rock.

Second one is my first attempt at mixing Carpathian, Hungarian elements into classical hybrid style music, with electronic elements. It's called "Dance of Warriors" and is based around an ancient Transylvanian folk song.

Third one is for a compilation at Radio Rivendell (check that station out, fantasy music 7/24, and it's called "Fire and Water at the End of the World". This one has a lot of changing, morphing parts, several ideas. Again many rock and even gothic metal elements are present. It's a tragicomic take on the end of the world topic, bit a la Fallout.

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