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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Symphonic Tales of The Silmarillion - II. Let These Things Be Part 1 - Diary #1

Movement II is on the verge of completion! Hopefully recovering from a heavier flu soon... in my non-fever filled hours where I could get some time I polished the movement furher and further... 8 minutes and 32 seconds it seems...
Let me get to the parts:
1. Appearance of the Ainur. Singing and music of the ainur on the bid of Eru Ilúvatar, in unison they experience the power of the unity Eru Ilúvatar bestowed upon them - a rework of the so called theme FLAME IMPERISHABLE
2. Melkor's derailed entry, in the futile attempt of overpowering the theme of Eru Ilúvatar. Yet gaining his first fallen minions for his plans of being a Lord - MELKOR'S FULLY DISSONANT THEME - no masking of the discord yet
3. Eru's second theme for the Ainur, Melkor awaiting his second overpowering of the archangels singing and music, with even more rage after being told all his deeds still are originating back to Eru, the source of the Flame Imperishable and all that was created. - a new theme I call the EASTERN WESTERN THEME joining in both poles of the existence with the power of choir and oriental resembling violin technique.
4. Melkor's second attempt of overpowering the choir of Ainur. All Ainur stop singing in the end - MELKOR'S FULLY DISSONANT THEME
5. Eru Ilúvatar shows a new theme that is yet unknown to the thoughts and ears of all Ainur: the theme of the First Born and After-Born (Elves and Humans) - THE THEME OF THE CHILDREN OF ILÚVATAR, ample, sorrowful, yet profound and somehow uplifting. Not an easy work, I grant you :)
6. Melkor is giving a race for the dominance again, -

7. Finally Eru Ilúvatar's rage and glory theme, silencing all with the mighties chord ever, uniting the highest and the lowest. - ERU'S RAGE AND THE MIGHTIEST CHORD

So these are the parts that I condensed into this 8 and a half minute. Hope you'll enjoy when I get there to publish. Possibly this week. :)

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